It’s not you, it’s me.

I’m certain there’s something wrong with me. I haven’t read a romance in an incredibly long time. So long I’m embarrassed to cite the exact time frame. I can’t seem to stay focused. Is this representative of my current life circumstances, or something else entirely? No really, I’m asking because I have no idea and I don’t want to have to book in to see my psychologist again.

I could bandy around words like mojo and drive and impotence, but let’s not be hasty. Just cool your jets. And your metaphors. I’m choosing for the moment to believe this is fixable. I’m imagining a pill or an online 3 step self help course. I’m hoping there are only 3 steps because quite honestly, any number higher than that just won’t hold my attention. Thank goodness I teach kindergarten and not high school mathematics.

Am I turning into a social media, smart phone, no more than 140 characters drone? Or, as previously mentioned can this be brought on by stressful circumstances? Unfortunate really as reading used to be my bliss, my rest and relaxation, the Sam to my Frodo, and the wind beneath my wings.

Could it be them? It’s not me, it’s you? How do I break that news to my pile of novels to be read? It’s currently heaving under its own lackluster weight. More confounding, is that also includes many ebooks.

Is this a common affliction? Or am I the only one? Do I need to have ‘the talk’ with my books? Do we need to break up? Or, alternatively, and my preferred action – do I need to quit my full time job, flee to the hills, and spend some quality time between the covers?

X Angelina.