Anxiety: The Gateway To Jason Statham

I’m on a train. By myself. For the first time in possibly over ten years. I should be enjoying the alone time. As a mum, wife, Kindergarten teacher, and cat owner, I am not often alone.

Instead, I’m remembering my action movie training and am sitting in the second car of the train. If it crashes the first car will dangle off a bridge and this one will be fine. I’ll then be able to launch myself through the resulting explosion up to an escape hatch in the bathroom, climb out, and meet an awaiting ladder hanging from a hovering helicopter.

Jason Statham will of course be piloting the helicopter. Not because of any particular skill at helicopter piloting, more for the interlude we’ll have later when we get to our safe house after driving speedily through Europe in an Audi.

Huh? Where was I?

So my question is, does my brain do this to me or for me? Is it messing with me, or is it trying to distract me? Is my anxiety helping me get through this situation by engaging my faculties in a replay of several of my favourite action movies? Or, am I just suffering anxiety over a seemingly inconsequential event due to life events pre programming me to respond to stimuli in specific ways?


Also, I live in Australia and drive a Ford. My husband’s name is Jason though. That’s something.

X Angelina.

An aside: Isn’t modern technology amazing? I’m on a train, writing a blog on an iPhone, holding more technology in my hand than there probably was on the whole train in Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. I’m keeping an eye out for chefs practiced in martial arts. Can’t be too careful.